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Inspiring Stories

"My recreational drug use had turned into a full-blown addiction. It was only through the support of  Driven 2 Destiny Outreach Center (Formerly known as Proclaiming Your Destiny Int'l Ministries) that I was able to kick the habit and get my life back. Their non-judgmental approach really made all the difference. Thank you!"

Anonymous Richmond VA 

"After losing my job I thought I would never be able to keep going. It hurt my pride and my self-confidence, I was about to give up. Proclaiming Your Destiny Int'l Outreach  Ministries economic assistance classes helped me find temporary resources to meet my monthly bills. They were also instrumental in finding employment agencies. I am now working again, thanks to Driven 2 Destiny Outreach Center ( Formerly knows as  Proclaiming Your Destiny Int'l  Ministries Outreach)."

Anonymous Baltimore MD

I contact the Director of Driven By Destiny Outreach  about one of their programs that I saw posted on Craig s List. The name of it was The Woman Within Me Woman's Network. They was having a Meet & Greet where you could come out and learn more information about what they do and also what the women's program is all about. I drove 2milies just to come meet the Director and to learn more about their program. When I got their at first i was a but scared because I am new to getting out and meeting new people. So after setting there and listen to Shareta talk about the program and what other services they offer to the community. I spoke up when it was time to ask a question or to comment. I share a bit about myself an how I wanted help in getting a business started or how I needed a mentor. I was so happy to hear that Shareta stated that she loves to help women reach their goals and walk into destiny. It was an awesome meet and greet and I learned a lot. I ask when the next one was and that I will be back, But before I left I ask Shareta if she could be my mentor..She stated yes. Oh did I forget that I even brought a friend with me an she too was happy about coming and stated that she also wanted to come back. Thank you Shareta  and Driven 2 Destiny Outreach Center.. ...

 Anonymous NC